Author of "American Babylon"

In "American Babylon" journalist Bill Underwood takes readers down a road few Bible prophecy scholars have traveled before - straight into America's heart of darkness. In a genre dominated by super-patriots and diehard nationalists, Underwood offers a patriotically irreverent view of a once great republic brought low by imperial ambitions and unrepentant devotion to mammon.

The book's critical perspective reflects a new direction in prophetic thought - challenging accepted orthodoxy through the lens of progressive politics while presenting alternative apocalyptic scenarios to those depicted in popular prophecy books and films. Through a combination of pain-staking research and penetrating political analysis Underwood presents his case why the USA may well be “Mystery Babylon” prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

Whatever your faith tradition or political persuasion, you are sure to find "American Babylon" informative, illuminating and undeniably unconventional.

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About the Author

Bill Underwood is a journalist and social worker whose stories and essays have appeared in numerous publications. "American Babylon" is his first book. Underwood is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma School of Journalism and received his Masters in Social Work from California State University.